Looking for Fitness?  Fun?  Safety? 

At obodo we have you covered!  We offer a range of unique fitness classes, suitable for all levels and abilities. Our full schedule includes classes offering just cardio or classes with a fun mix of cardio, gymnastics and strength.

Every class ensures a safe and clean environment. Some classes are in your own individual glass pod while others include your own training lane, each with their own ventilation extraction system.  At obodo you will experience the safest training session out there!

Our exciting, new gym area, effective programming and experienced coaches will guarantee you an ultimate session every time.



Class Types:

CrossFit – our traditional CrossFit session with parts A & B, including barbell, dumbbell and kettle bell work, Oly lifting, gymnastics and plenty of box jumps and burpees.  Session will predominantly be held outside the glass pods in your training lane.  There is a marked out 2m distance between each member’s training lane. CF programming will initially be phased and will advance as we get more training sessions under our belt.

Revelate – THE cardio class in a fully ventilated glass pod all to yourself.  This 45min session will include a combination of the bike erg, ski erg and body weight movements to keep you motivated & moving!  Upbeat tunes guaranteed.

RevFit – a beautiful marriage between CrossFit & Revelate!  You will train both inside the glass pod and in your training lane.  Movements will include the erg machines and a range of bodyweight and light weight movements. An intense 45mins, keeping you on your toes and earning your sweat!

Your membership gives you access to all class types.

Personal training

Hands down the top PT room in Cork, personal training with the best coaches in the game, individual programming, goal setting, accountability.  Cater for 1on1 or small group sessions.

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Small group training

Train with family or friends in a fully ventilated, fully equipped room with an experienced and qualified coach.  Tailor programming to what you are looking for.

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class opening H0urs

Monday-Friday: 6am – 9pm

Saturday: 8am – 11am

Sunday: closed